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What Is a Wellness Coach Salary?

Considering a career as a Wellness Coach and wondering how much you can expect to earn? Let’s start with the simple answer: According to PayScale, the average salary for a Wellness Coach is approximately $48,558 a year. However, for Wellness Coaches, averages can be deceiving. That’s because you can make a lot more—or a lot less—depending on your background, your goals, and your flexibility. So, before you start planning around a specific salary, we’re going to cover some important factors you should consider.

Factors That Influence A Wellness Coach Salary

1. Do you plan to coach full-time or part-time?
There are a wide variety of Wellness Coaching jobs, and one of the best things about this amazing career is the flexibility it offers. This is especially true when you are a self-employed Wellness Coach. You get to choose where and when you work, how many clients you take on, and how much you will charge. So if you have the resources to quit an existing job and devote all of your time and energy into coaching full-time, that will be a great option for you! But if you want to keep your existing position (and salary) and ease your way into coaching, you can do that too. Many new Wellness Coaches find that being able to keep their old job while building up their client base is key to making it all possible—they never have to sacrifice income, and often even end up with a little extra income during the transition period.

2. Do you have complementary training or certifications?
Wellness Coaching
is a fast-growing career that attracts all kinds of educated and talented individuals, from a diverse array of backgrounds. And the skills and experience you gained before starting your journey into coaching can have a significant impact on your earning power.

For instance, dietitians who add Wellness Coaching to their skill set offer a unique one-stop service where clients can get dietary guidance, along with the tools, strategies, and support they need to stick to a healthy eating program. As a result, it’s not uncommon for them to charge a premium. The same holds true for personal trainers—if they can help people stick to a workout routine and a healthy lifestyle, they’re more likely to attract potential clients and charge a premium.

Wellness Coaches with a background in areas like dietetics, personal training, or healthcare may also be seen as having additional credibility, which can increase earning power. This might be especially true in a healthcare setting. For example, a Wellness Coach with a nursing background will likely be perceived as more qualified by both the healthcare professionals they work with and the patients they serve. This could not only give them an edge in getting the job, but it could also get them a higher salary.

A big part of being a successful Wellness Coach is knowing how to promote yourself and run a profitable business. So it makes sense that those with a business or sales and marketing background will benefit from their experience. Specific skills like sales, pricing of services, and knowing how to use social media to your advantage are especially helpful for Wellness Coaches.

3. Who do you want to work for?
When it comes to Wellness Coaching, who you decide to work for will likely have a major impact on how much you earn.

Corporate setting
Large corporations offer a variety of opportunities for Wellness Coaches, including counseling employees and operating on-site fitness, nutrition, and health programs. Corporate positions typically provide a competitive salary and benefits and are a great fit for those looking for a high level of job security. They also take the pressure to sell off, as they make it easy to reach a large number of clients at once.

Heath care operations
Health care operations like doctors’ offices and hospitals are also a great fit for Wellness Coaches looking for job security and a way to gain access to a large number of potential clients in one place. Whether you work directly for the health care operation, or as an independent contractor on-site, the ability to get referrals is key to growing your client base and increasing your earning power.

Being self-employed is clearly the most flexible Wellness Coaching option. However, it is also the most uncertain in terms of salary and benefits. That’s because the number of clients you have is entirely dependent on you! However, if you’re great at marketing yourself and managing a business, the sky’s the limit. But, if you prefer to have someone else doing the selling, working for a corporation or healthcare operation may be a better option.

The bottom line? Your salary will grow with your experience and your skills.

According to Thumbtack, the hourly rate for Health Coaching in the US can range anywhere between $30 to over $200 an hour. That’s a huge range. Add in the fact that most coaches offer 3- or 6-month programs, and pricing your services can seem a bit overwhelming. Just realize that there’s a lot of variability in pricing, and where you start isn’t where you’ll end up!

In order to build a client base, it’s not uncommon for new Wellness Coaches to start with rates on the lower end of the scale. However, as you attract more clients, build a reputation for yourself, and perhaps acquire new skills, you’ll be able to adjust those rates upward.

In addition, as you gain experience, you will likely adjust your business model to make it more profitable/attractive to potential clients. For instance, if you are coaching one-on-one, you might add online group sessions for an additional fee. Or you might utilize new technology to stay in touch with clients or make billing easier. If you’re coaching in-person, you might cut costs by sharing office space with other health professionals.

With so many ways to grow your Wellness Coaching business, only one thing is for sure—change will be part of the journey and the sky is the limit for your earning potential!

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