Xuemei Zhong

Xuemei Zhong

This is totally unexpected. Yesterday, I got an email from one of my practice clients, with whom I finished the 90-day program last Sunday. Here is her words in the email: “Got my labs back from last week and my numbers have never been this good… I owe you and your wellness coaching a BIG THANK YOU!!!!” She sent this to me her blood test results right before and after the 90-day program. Her Cholesterol went from 330 mg/dL to 153 mg/dL, Triglyceride went from 251 mg/dL to 149 ng/dL and her LDL went from 235 mg/dL down to 82 mg/dL… This is a truly unexpected bonus adding to all else (relationship, promotion at work, anxiety etc.) that she has achieved during the 90-day coaching. What else can be more assuring!!! I am truly blessed to find you, my dear army of soul-diers !!! If we can do this to one people’s life, what can we, all together do to this world!!! Love you all!!!

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