• Can I get clients while in the program?
  • How active is the community?
  • Is HCI worth the investment?
  • Tell us about your learning experience
  • What makes HCI different?
  • What will I get out of the HCI Live event?
  • What’s special about the CoachLeads platform?
  • Will I be overwhelmed?

Reviews of HCI

Real people. Real Reviews. Our students are smart and savvy just like you. They were looking for the best health coaching education money could buy. Hear why they chose HCI.

Can I get clients while in the program?

I started from ZERO knowledge about health coaching in September 2015 and after completing the course requirements I have absolute confidence that I can help people reach their goals in health and more. I am not quite finished with the course and already have a paying client! It’s amazing to me how the program gently moves you along and provides not only the information needed to learn how to coach, but the nuts and bolts as to how to keep stretching yourself. The support provided throughout the course (and beyond because of the Facebook page we are connected to) is amazing! You can ask ANYTHING and get not just one but MANY answers and points of view. Thank you to the coaches, staff, other students and especially Carey and Stacey for providing the BHC course!

Amy Vidos
Prescott, AZ

I’m jumping the gun a bit and working with a marketing expert in my area who is website savvy (I’m social media and website newbie) and she challenged me around using CoachLeads (because of the fee) vs other hosting sites. Once we explored the info we received from HCI in tandem with information presented by Brenda Johnston it was an easy choice to go with CoachLeads and utilize all of the pre-done goodies and plugins. The 3-month trial gives me time to play with it and frees up my time to work on coaching material. I’ve also started work on business cards and a Facebook page for my practice as I plan to hit the ground running!

Greg Teha
Edmonton, AB

I JUST LANDED MY FIRST PAYING CLIENT. $1,497!!!! And I didn’t have any hesitation in asking for that! I am so excited.

Donna Davis
Tuscon, AZ

Paying Clients All Around! WAHOOO TODAYS A GOOD DAY! LIFE CHANGING! 1st paying client, 3 payment plan $565.97/month. Grand total of $1,697.91!!!! Eeeek feels so surreal!!!

Oakes Carley
NewLowell, ON

I had my first session with a new client today. She’s a psychotherapist. I could have been intimidated, but after our initial discovery conversation, I knew I could really help her. We had such a great session and re-framed things like “I was bad” and “I’m rebellious” and talked about positive intentions. She wrote me a long text saying how thankful she was that we are working together!

Renee Martin
Santa Barbara, CA

This is totally unexpected. Yesterday, I got an email from one of my practice clients, with whom I finished the 90-day program last Sunday. Here is her words in the email: “Got my labs back from last week and my numbers have never been this good… I owe you and your wellness coaching a BIG THANK YOU!!!!” She sent this to me her blood test results right before and after the 90-day program. Her Cholesterol went from 330 mg/dL to 153 mg/dL, Triglyceride went from 251 mg/dL to 149 ng/dL and her LDL went from 235 mg/dL down to 82 mg/dL… This is a truly unexpected bonus adding to all else (relationship, promotion at work, anxiety etc.) that she has achieved during the 90-day coaching. What else can be more assuring!!! I am truly blessed to find you, my dear army of soul-diers !!! If we can do this to one people’s life, what can we, all together do to this world!!! Love you all!!!

Xuemei Zhong
Sharon, MA

Just signed my first client at $1,995 and one in the wings! Feeling accomplished!

Shimika Kennison
Leawood, KS

OMGoodness!! Just received my first REFERRAL for a paying client!!! She came from a friend I met last weekend who hasn’t even had her breakthrough call yet. She was so excited about what little I told her about the program, she went right out and told her friend! So grateful! When it is the RIGHT program, the right people will show up!

Randi Short
Aurora, CO

Got my first payment from my first paying client today! It was my first CTD with someone that didn’t know I was using and practicing a script and it went extremely well. She LOVED the river visual. So cool.

Ellen Semple
Encinitas, CA

Good Morning Tribe! Well what a rewarding experience having my first CTD conversation, AND getting paid on the spot! I share with you in gratitude for all of us on this journey of self discovery and awareness with others. The universe has been listening to me. And I showed up, and was present and decided to get out of my own way.

Joan Poulin
Newington, CT

Just finished a CTD in person and when I said her investment was $1,397 she didn’t even hesitate. Her reply was “when are we going to start?” To boost her biggest stress was finances!! The universe has spoken! I believe everything happens for a reason and we were meant to work together. Thanks for the greatest group of people who helped me grow and step across the other side of the river!!

Stefania Baman
Burnaby, British Columbia

Finished Session 11 with my first client – WOW. This 62 year old conservative working woman went FROM being completely stressed out, frantic, afraid to even go on a walk (for fear of what would happen to her, health wise) and suffering because of family dynamics in her home with adult children… TO…. coming to my home today from a Zumba Dance Class, having resigned from her “soul irritating” job this week, and in conversations with her adult children about their plans to move out and build their own lives (the most difficult challenge for her as she has been carrying the “weight” of their lives/responsibllity), re-engaging with her medical doctor again, making plans for travel, quilting, and re-claiming her Health. I proposed a re-enrollment package for her (my first time re-enrolling!) and she seems very on-board…and is going to ‘think about it’. I remembered all the coaching around “every CTD will be a money conversation/coaching with your client” as I was challenged by raising my investment from $700 to $1997/1497 for a re-enrollment. I stayed with it. Even when she said “I just quit my job,” I just stayed put, smiled and nodded. This is a woman who has a hard time recognizing her own accomplishments and RECEIVING acknowledgement from herself and others – and forgets until I remind her of how incredibly far she has come. At the end, she said “you’re worth it.”

Lisa Williams
Ojai, CA

So thankful for this group and this training!!!!! Just wanted to share some great news. One practice client enrolled in another 90 day program AND one of my CTD practice conversations turned into another client!!!! So, this week I start Session 1 with TWO paying clients. Soooooo excited to be living out my dream of being a successful Health Coach ?❤️?

Marjie Metz
Loveland, OH

I have something HUGE to celebrate. I had Session #9 with one of my practice clients today and it went really well. This type of deep session is really my passion. Anyway, afterwards she shared that all of her goals were being accomplished: wt loss, less anxiety- she has had ZERO panic attacks since we started, relaxation- I taught her meditation as well as the breathing techniques (some of my own too), regular exercise (I taught her “movement”), and healthy food choices (magic plate meals). Not only that, but her big MOFAs are being realized. Her marriage is growing stronger right before my eyes! And it is due to her transformation! AND she said that none of this has been hard, it is becoming “just what she does” – making healthy choices, moving her body, etc. “The 5 love languages” was very helpful for her marriage- both she & her spouse took the quiz. WOW! This program REALLY works! This is really boosting my confidence level tremendously & it feels SO fantastic to really make a difference in someone’s life!

Cindy Mytty
Hancock, MI

How active is the community?

I have met all the requirements necessary to obtain my certification!!!! The ride was fun thanks to all of you. You have been a source of inspiration all the way. The sense of community I have experienced is one of the most powerful anchors keeping me on track.

Silvia Bermudez
Riverton, UT

I’m just so thankful to be in this excellent program with such a fabulous community of support. The Facebook page has been a wonderful source of varied expertise, help, and reinforcement from fellow classmates. The learning environment is perfectly flexible for my crazy life. Loving all of it! Thank you ? My favorite part is still really feeling like this community of like-minded people is so real and so huge! I used to feel like I was all alone in my passion to become healthier and help others to do the same, but joining this BHC tribe and then spending 3 days in Vegas with so many of you truly changed that feeling. I will be going to the next one if at all possible!

Jennifer Lindsey
Washington, IL

I wanted to express my satisfaction and appreciation for this program. I was hesitant initially to enroll in an on-line program because I couldn’t imagine I would possibly feel part of a class where there were screens between my face and those of my fellow students. (Is my age showing?) I cannot tell you the amount of community and support I have felt throughout this process! Between the weekly lessons (just the right combination of specific relevant information and personal stories by Carey and Stacey), the live event in Las Vegas, the Facebook community, the Skill’s Labs with classmates of all ages and genders, and the personal coaching calls with Christine, I could not have felt more supported by this school.

Lori Harris
Montvale, NJ

I just wanted to let you all know what an amazing group of people you are. I have been doing a lot of reading and listening over the past few weeks and I am so honored to be part of this group. I learn so much through your posts and often try to put myself into your shoes with your clients. I also find myself realizing how much growth I see within this group. The amazing business cards, business names, posts on social media, videos created, packages created. It is a really awesome movement to be involved in and as each of us are growing, we are also moving the world around us. We are going to change the world! And this is one area in which a group mentality is a wonderful thing to behold.

Christal Peters
Richmond, VA

If I could only find the words to even start to express how amazing my new found Teachers, Masters Health & Life Coaches, New Friends Family & Founders of the number one Health Coach Institution the world could ever ask for & more!!! I really can go on & on about how honored & privileged I am to be apart of my new tribe, friends health coaches & overall new family. I can never say thank you enough for creating a way for me to now live my dreams as a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coach! I’m blessed beyond measures to now know that my own school of Health Wealth Goals & Dreams will change endless lives the exact same way Stacey & Carey do with countless people from all across the world! Thank you so much.

Marcileno Brown Jr.
Clearwater, FL

I came to the Health Coach Institute to train as coaches and to help others, but I discovered something else here. I discovered a friend with one of the warmest person, my skills lab partner. I think I found someone who is going to be in my life for a long time.

Jacqueline Mctaggart
Astoria, NY

Oh my everything, everything! I am making friends that I know will be lifelong friends, business connections and associates. Just a fantastic opportunity. And on top of all of that the program is fun. So it is just a wonderful combination of many things. Great program.

Donna Davis
Tuscon, AZ

I am so beyond pleased and impressed! Every person I have dealt with thus far has been so awesome. Professional, motivational and exciting!

Cindy Mytty
Cindy Mytty

Is HCI worth the investment?

The Health Coach Institute is one of the best things that has happened to my life, and not only for my career, but also my own personal health and well-being. I love how much my life has transformed as I learn to transform other people’s lives. From going through the course material I have become the healthiest I’ve ever been, and have overcome emotional binge eating. What I love most about HCI is how they go above and beyond to set you up for success. On top of teaching health, transformational coaching, and mastering habit change, they give you business and career training that you would have to pay thousands more to get. I know because before I went here I paid thousands to get it! They could easily triple the tuition and it would be worth it. They truly care about their students, and their student’s clients. There is heart and soul to this business. I’ve never been happier, so fulfilled, and so passionate about what I do. Work is so much fun. Life is amazing. Thank you HCI!

Kouros A.

I’m more than satisfied by the caliber of the training I’ve received through the Health Coach Institute. The team is top notch & the guidance, support, & opportunity for personal growth throughout the training is really incredible. I highly recommend this business for anyone seriously considering beginning or upgrading any coaching career (health, life, sleep, writing, or whatever type of coach you want to be). If your goal is to make a massive positive impact in this world through service to others, and make a nice living while doing so, HCI has paved the road for you to follow.

Jennifer L.

If you want the best value for your investment don’t even consider enrolling in any program other than one at Health Coach Institute! I can’t even count the number of fellow students in my class that came from other programs. You will get everything you need and more to be a successful coach here!

Kim H

I graduated from HCI ( become a health coach) program and went on to HMBA graduate program. This has been life changing for me personally and for creating the business that I want. I believe these are the best programs out there. I looked at many other programs and chose this school because it has everything I needed. Well rounded, incredible done for you content to get you going on your business immediately, support, business tools. I highly recommend Health Coach Institute. The best choice I’ve made.

Kira A

How can you articulate the enormity of what you feel from being given these methods. I am COMPLETELY blown away. This program was a BARGAIN, my lord!! I find it so compelling and profound that two beautiful women are so open & willing to share their knowledge & expertise to raise the level of this profession thereby significantly changes the lives of all we will serve.

Stacy Thrall
Londonderry, NH

I feel so sure that once I begin coaching with confidence and getting paid for it, I will be back for the graduate work with HMBA. In the meantime, thank you all so much for the fabulous experience. It was worth every bit of the investment!

Lori Harris
Montvale, NJ

That moment it all starts to click and all of a sudden it makes sense and you realize that you have just made one of the greatest investments of your life by doing one of biggest favors for it. ♡ Health Coaching is getting real.. there is light at the beginning of my new “journey” accumulating like raindrops that will eventually become an ocean… I can totally see where this is going!!!I LOVE THIS!!

Brooke Rapić
Sydney, Australia

hank you so much for this course. I am a better person and there is no price tag for this.

Kari Albro
Bozeman, MT

Professionally, I just know that I will be able to change lives. I will be able to help people really listen to their own intuition and that will be so fulfilling. Also professionally, I know that I have an excellent opportunity now to create the lifestyle that I want.

Donna Davis
Tuscon, AZ

The course has benefited me greatly in so many ways. Not only me, but my family. It has really encouraged me to follow my passions and take the leap in turning this into a career.

Meegan Sciretto
Portsmouth, NH

I seriously feel that I could read these slides over and over and over again. Such AMAZING information! Everything is so real and genuine and training us in such a personal way to prepare us for real coach and client settings so we can be prepared to connect with them on even deeper levels than anticipated, helping them achieve their goals in a realistic and honest way, and truly getting the best possible outcome for both of us.

Ivy Angelina
New York, NY

BHC has benefited me on a personal level and in turn in my career. I feel so awesome; I would love for everyone to feel this way.

Brenda E. Rodriguez
El Paso, TX

BHC has given me a great toolbox for a successful launch of my health coach career. Great knowledge to share & fun exercises to do with clients.

Kelly Starr
Rye, NH

This is such a rich course, and valuable program, that imparts life-changing skill-sets & belief shifts that will send anyone going through the program on a trajectory of success!

Dolores Reaves
Rockville, MD

The biggest thing for me is the personal transformation that I’ve gone through and the personal growth that I’ve gone through have already been worth the investment.

Derek Lacey
Sherman Oaks, CA

This is such a journey in personal growth and professional growth. I have come so far just since starting the course, and I know there is more that lies ahead. So it’s a phenomenal excellent program and I just highly, highly recommend it and also it’s a fun learning process so you’ve got the best of everything.

Donna Davis
Tuscon, AZ

I have been able to more fully be myself in our relationship. It kind of felt like I had this role of stay at home mom and I was living small and I wasn’t letting my light shine.

Erin Perrigo
Overland Park, KS

Tell us about your learning experience

I have had an incredible experience thus far learning to become a Health Coach, I just recently got my certification and this course has changed my life in so many ways, I now feel ready to conquer the world and this course has taken away any fears I have had along the way to make a difference in getting out in the work force after being a stay at home mom for over 20 years, I recommend this course to anyone and everyone, my new motto is: EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A HEALTH COACH IN THEIR LIVES, WHAT A GIFT!

Lisa Taitelman

I have been a student at HCI for over a year and have found them an extremely reputable company, great content and an institute that truly teaches their students how to begin a health coaching business. They have been wonderful with communications, billing and providing all of the products, services and bonuses mentioned to me with their programs. I am very happy I made the choice to go with HCI!

Kristi R.

HCI has been a pleasure to work with over the last year. They have delivered an experience far beyond my expectations time after time. They are fair, they are extremely talented, they have a phenomenal team behind them that is dedicated to coaching, dedicated to their students and to making a difference. I look forward to continuing my relationship with HCI and I intend on being a student of theirs for a very long time.

I can’t help but be sooo grateful for my transformation!!! I feel like myself again. This program and all I’ve learned and healed and transformed has truly changed my life.

Mandy Greene
Johnston, RI

Seeing how this program is transforming my client’s life, fills my heart with so much freaking gratitude. Thank you so much for this amazing BHC program and all of those who have been such an influence during this amazing journey.

Justine Hitchcock
Wooster, OH

I enjoy listening to Carey present the information in an enlightening and entertaining way. It makes the material easier to listen to and absorb. Equally, I am impressed with the quality and quantity of information and useful techniques! Can’t say enough!

Leasa Siscoe
Bloomington, IN

Can I just say that this is the most amazing program EVER!!! I seriously can’t get enough, it’s all SO GOOD!!

Cristie Linn
Westlake Village, CA

Today was session #1 with my first paid client for my 6-week program and it went phenomenally well. She laugh and cried and said it was the best thing for her at this time. We got through all of the goals for session #1 to lay the groundwork for the program.I am working with her to break self-sabotaging behaviors so she can trust herself again, be accountable, love herself, and recognize herself as pure love so she can feel free.I am really proud of her and myself for trusting this process and following through

Laura Pickens
Pittsburg, PA

As I coach people through this 90 day journey , I myself have been feeling inspired to do my action steps and anchor accountabilities with them! I’ve been eating so much cleaner! I feel like my clients are motivating me and I’ve shifted in a way for them, so I can be a better coach for them and lead by example.

Jessica Sutton

I love the Skills Labs! I totally see how they are helping to prepare us for real clients! Every skills lab helps me to gain more confidence in my future as a masterful Health Coach. I LOVE that!!!

Brenda Smith
Palm Desert, CA

I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence and am exuding this out to the Universe. I am manifesting exactly what I want including the type of clients I desire. I have suddenly got more interest all because of my confidence!! I am truly READY to shine my light!! I have gained some more clarity in exactly what it is that I want. I used to be highly highly easily stressed and agitated!! I got the calmness from this program!! I am now keeping calm through the chaos. Awesome!!

Cindy Mytty
Houghton, MI

I love learning how to stand out from the crowd! Elevating into the top 10% of Health Coaches. ~ AWESOME

Joyce Hack
Redlands, CA

Thank you for this opportunity. It feels so wonderful to have found my group and calling in life – better late than never. I am a very happy camper in this educational world and especially in this very hands on experiential learning.

Julia Miller
San Jose, CA

What makes HCI different?

Carey P. and Stacey M are truly inspired leaders not only creating change at a business level but also setting a new standard of customer service and respect for others. The Health Coach Institute is a unique and comprehensive business empowering others to become leaders with a higher purpose globally.

Mag S.

I have looked at many coaching programs, but the Health Coach Institute offered a program that was different and more comprehensive. Since this process is meant to be a personal as well as career transformation, BHC was the obvious choice

Jenica Webster

I chose your Become A Health Coach program because it gets to the root problem of why people may not be living healthy lives like they want to. You’ve mastered the changing of habits and I know, as a person who too has had a binge eating disorder, that it all starts in the brain. Because of that reason, I believe I will have the most success in helping others through your program.

Rowan Keller

I was between your program and IIN. After speaking with your representative, Jessica Libbey, my fears and hesitations were calmed and answered and I could feel that it was the right fit. With other programs, I’ve felt like their representatives call repeatedly just to get their commission cut and never actually ask about me and why I’m interested & who I am. Jessica spent way more than our allotted time walking me through my thoughts and listening to my doubts, making me feel like I was truly connected and welcome.

Mariclare Kanaley

No other program instructed on the business aspect and just seemed very vague on what they really offered. When I came across HCI and BHC, I started shaking! It totally resonated with me and everything I believe in. I was totally hooked right there!

Cindy Mytty

I have taken 2 other health coaching programs but didn’t feel I had the tools to be successful. I was drawn to the program by Carey & Stacey’s energy and guarantee I would walk away from their program with what I’d need to make a business for myself.

Sarah Jergensen

I’m SO thankful that BHC included coaching with our sessions. Someone in addition to the other students that we practice with in Skills labs. While the labs provided the practice they were meant to provide, the extra, personal, we-can-zero-in-on-you coaching was something I really needed. It’s just more evidence that BHC isn’t operating a simple ‘coaching mill’, but truly cares about my success. THANK YOU!

Sue Chandler

What sets the program apart is Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) which is a powerful tool for behavioral transformation.

Mindy Weinstein

Most of the IIN people that I’ve talked to said they give great information it’s awesome, but if you’re looking to hone in all the information that you already have and have a coaching program that will teach you how to coach it. Not just how to have it here but actually how to deliver it, then HCI is your program.

Gita Lovenelli
Avon Park, FL

I like that they give us the skills to start when we get out. The other ones, the other one, I felt did not give me the coaching skills. It might have given me the knowledge, but it didn’t give me the skills to actually go out and do it – it would be like well what next. So they give you all that and I think that’s invaluable actually.

Cynthia Dano
Moses Lake, WA

I knew if I could learn how to change my habits and then be able to teach others how to change their habits that would transform lives. In the other programs that I was researching that concept just wasn’t there or it wasn’t deep enough or focused enough.

Donna Davis
Tuscon, AZ

What will I get out of the HCI Live event?

I just got back landed the highest paying client so far!!!! $1497. I never thought that would even be possible a few months ago. But I was so confident. What an amazing feeling. Since this live event I have woke up every single morning on a mission and feeling so inspired. I love this community and I love the possibility for the life we all deserve.

Lauren Strangio
Redwood Valley, CA

HCI live was a total game changer!!! Wednesday morning my critter brain had taken over. It’s Friday evening and I feel so much power to move forward. I can’t describe the high that I’m feeling from the last two days. The energy in that room was unimaginable. I literally wanted to cry because I had to leave early. We learned so much in the span of two days it was just unbelievable. I made some great connections and my coaching session with Lucas was AMAZING. Stacey and Carey were awesome, a dynamic duo of coaching. If you’re serious about health coaching this event will put you on the path to being a Masterful health coach. It was a great pleasure meeting some of my classmates! ‪#‎sparkthechange

Tracey Somerford
Pearland, TX

Just got back from Vegas for HCI Live! It was incredible. A year ago I had no idea I would be open to the possibility to be my own boss and have my own business. Sometimes with a little faith, hope, luck and a whole lot of gratitude, things work out even better than you expect them to and you can manifest your dreams. I got to experience the amazing work of Carey and Stacey in person! HCI Live was so inspiring and empowering. Everyone was so warm and friendly. Thank you so much to Carey, Stacey, Lucas Seipp-Williams, and to the whole HCI Live team. It was such a joy to meet you all and nice to put faces to the voices ? You guys rock! Congratulations on a hugely successful HCI Live from Vegas 2016!

Sangeeta Dham
Calgary, AB

What’s special about the CoachLeads platform?

If you are serious about building a business you’re eventually going to need systems in place to have sales funnels, emails, newsletters, opt-ins, online scheduling. CoachLeads not only has ALL of that functionality in 1 spot they are GIVING YOU FOR FREE load of free content to get you started including already done blog posts so when you launch your site it doesn’t look empty. $40 a month is actually insanely reasonable. If you were to start adding in all of that functionality from different providers you would be paying HUNDREDS of dollars a month and you would not be getting the easy to build system you get with CoachLeads OR the level of support. For example, there is a great system called Infusionsoft which is for online marleting sales funnels etc. that alone is $199/month (and that is the basic package), that doesn’t include the cost to host your website someplace else which costs money. Contant contact for email also has a cost. You can use something like mail chimp which is free but very basic and then you STILL need to integrate it into your website so that your end user doesn’t feel like you’ve got things coming from all over the place. ON top of that CoachLeads is ALWAYS looking into adding more functionality to their system. I moved my suite to CoachLeads for this very reason. It’s worth the investment if you are serious about building a business. CoachLeads is built on a wordpress system, has pretty much all of the same functionality BUT has a much easier to use build interface especially for beginners for people like me that have code capabilities you can also edit CSS if you really wanted to but there is no need they have it set up as a design builder just like wordpress but better…. and it actually is NOT a specific interface to coaching you could do whatever you want with it. I’m a nutritional therapist and I’m building specialty forms. you can change your nav you can customize anything really. My suggestion to you all is book the demo CoachLeads, go through it and ACTUALLY see it then decide.

Brenda Johnston
Guelph, ON

I just had my first call with Josh yesterday, and it was amazing to see my website get done in 5 minutes! There are so many amazing things built it. They truly make it easy for you, so you can put your focus on getting clients, not tech stuff. It’s totally worth it for me to not have to spend the time and energy funding all this stuff on my own. I highly recommend!

Natalie Hoang
Melbourne, FL

You can keep the webpage simple or can build it to be really complex as time goes on. I love this site. I have built my own page with wix and this is way better even if it seems to be more expensive. In the end the fee is worth it. Plus, it’s all in one location and one fee not multiple fees for every little thing you need. They are also going to look into adding square as a taking payment option soon. If you do the grad program you get 6 months free on top of the 6 months with this class. Just do it!! You won’t regret it.

Kari Albro
Bozeman, MT

Josh has been unbelievably helpful in getting my website up and running. He’ll only be taking 1:1 appointments for another few weeks, so be sure to book your time with him soon! Be sure to watch the training video and come prepared with your checklist of materials- it’ll make the process much smoother.

Lindsy Blazej
Spring Lake, NC

Will I be overwhelmed?

I am so impressed with the many tools we are given and the support that is in place. I have gained valuable knowledge and friendships through my experience.

Aimee Gibby
Pea Ridge, AR

I love the way it is approached by Carey and Stacey. They really focus on making you comfortable and confident as a coach and well as putting an emphasis on personal growth. I also love that they teach you how to build a business and really thrice, especially since you are learning from people who have been successful in the field.

Natalie Hoang
Melbourne, FL

You all are extremely helpful, attentive and genuine in helping us through this program. It is evident that you want us all to succeed! Much appreciated is the time and effort you have, and continue to, put into this program.

Amy Vidos
Prescott, AZ

The total BHC program and support and IT and coaches, etc…has been so customer/student (me) specific…even while you are growing by leaps and bounds. My hat is off to your organization for doing a FAN-TAB-U-LOUS job at making it mostly transparent to the students. Onward to HMBA Graduate program. Looking forward to continuing this experience!

Karen Choske-Anderson
North Hills, CA

Thank you so much for the fun, interactive and humbling coaches and their life changing course! It is life changing and eye opening for all aspects of a transformational experience!

Ceseli Milstein

I love all the handouts and the slides. I really appreciate that you’ve put it all together and created such concise and usable materials for ourselves and our clients. I am excited to begin sharing these transformative ideas and strategies with others! Loving the energy of it all!

Heather Guay
Placentia, CA

I like Carey’s style of teaching. I know I can relax and have confidence in what and how she is presenting the information.

Johannah Patterson
Evansville, IN

I am thoroughly enjoying this program. Further, the teaching style is a perfect method for teaching adults. Finally, the upbeat, enthusiasm is contagious: love it!!

William Friedmann
Henderson, NV

This is the most comprehensive course you can take if you want to become a health coach. The format is outstanding! Just the orientation exceeded my expectations.

Nancy Smith
Helotes, TX