HMBA Mastery

Join the top 1% of Health Coaches and Master the Art & Business of Coaching

Holistic MBA – Accelerate Your Coaching Career

Calling all Health, Wellness, and Personal Development Coaches!

Are you looking to take that next step in your Coaching career?

Do you want to deepen the impact you can make on your clients’ lives, step more fully into your confidence as a Coach, and dramatically increase your earning potential?

It all starts here.

In our graduate-level HMBA Mastery program, you’ll discover how to accelerate your personal and professional growth, so you can:

  • Facilitate deeper change with your clients (and yourself)
  • Transform fear and self-doubt into fuel to fully step into your purpose and create the business you want
  • Change more lives and earn an incredible income doing it
  • Create premium programs that bring in a consistent flow of high-paying clients
  • Shape your ideal business around your lifestyle
  • …and so much more!

As a Student of HMBA Mastery
You’ll Embark on

a personal journey that connects you with the greatest vision for your future and you’ll graduate with the confidence to actualize that vision as a certified Transformational Coaching Method Master Coach.

What makes BHC different from other Health Coaching programs out there?

Live Bi-Weekly Coaching “Hot Seats” with Stacey & Carey

4 Private TCM Sessions with a Master Success Coach

24 Small Group Business Masterminds

Transformational Foundations & Mastery Coaching Practice Skills Labs

Two Live 3-Day Retreats with Stacey and Carey (and special guest experts!)

Two $10k in 10 Weeks Challenges Designed to Help You Set & Exceed Your Money-Making Goals

Lifetime Access to Hundreds of Done-For-You Checklists, Templates, Scripts, & More

Access to a Full Coaching Demo Library & Live Deconstructions

Guest Expert Series on Transformational Coaching

Advanced Nutrition for Health Coaches (ANHC) Mega Marketing Bundle

Our Curriculum

The HMBA Mastery curriculum is a unique mentorship experience designed to empower you in the business and the art of coaching, so you can make a rich living and live a rich life.

You’ll gain all the essential business, marketing, mindset, and coaching skills to connect to that sweet spot where purpose, passion and profit meet.

The curriculum includes an orientation training and 3 modules:


Prepping the Essentials

Module 1

Your Business Compass: Mastering the Business of Coaching

Module 2

The Advanced Transformational Coaching Method: Mastering the Art of Coaching

Module 3

Transformational Coaching Mastery: Achieving Mastery

The 3 modules are delivered as 32 self-paced lessons via our private student platform and are uniquely designed to help you customize your roadmap to success (because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to business).

Each module contains short, step-by-step training videos, transcripts, done-for-you templates to use with your clients, “cheat sheets”, and easy to implement action guides, and each lesson builds on the last so you know exactly what to focus on.

Our goal is to make your online learning experience smooth, easy, and fun, so we offer 3 convenient media formats—video, MP3, and PDF—so you can watch, listen, and/or read based on how you learn best.

Stacey Morgenstern & Carey Peters,
Health Coach Institute Co-Founders and Primary Instructors of the HMBA Mastery program

“Our intention is to support and stretch you into becoming the Coach that you would pay to work with.”

HMBA Mastery is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Fully align who you are with what you do
  • Do deeper work with clients while earning more more money.
  • Make a big difference in the world and reach many more people than you are right now.
  • Manifest a life and career of surplus and abundance.
  • Learn from Carey & Stacey’s fun, engaging, and easy-to-implement teaching style.
  • Stay open to honest feedback and a little tough love when we see something that could instantly improve your business.
  • Step outside your comfort zone (because that’s where true magic happens!)
  • Be supported and stretched by a heart-centered community.
  • Let fun be your compass for building your business.
  • Stop comparing and despairing and step into mastery both personally and professionally.
  • Finally combine all your unique gifts into the most successful career of your life because it was born from the brightest version of you.

Ready to learn more?