HCI is the New HMBA.

You may have been wondering what happened to HMBA and what is HCI and this page will explain everything. We have exciting news that we’re bursting to share with you.

As you may know…

Holistic MBA is a graduate-level education that a person comes to once they’ve earned a degree, certification or license elsewhere and now want to create a real-life coaching career. For years these people landed up on our doorstep saying, “Oh, shoot. I still don’t know how to coach or how to make a living. Darn it.”

We realized after talking with thousands of coaches that many wanted to begin their coaching journey with us and save many years and thousands of dollars going through training that lacked the two essential things that create a successful career out of coaching—Transformational Coaching Skills and Business skills.

So we created Health Coach Institute to fill that gap and to birth a coaching school that teaches its students everything they need to know right from the start to succeed in the real world as health coaches. As we see it, we are literally redefining health coaching.

Our vision is to raise a world of health coaches who are equipped from the start with all the necessary coaching and business skills to be able to master the business and art of coaching. Hence the “MBA” in HMBA stands for: Mastering the Business and Art of coaching!

So as you can hear, our beloved Holistic MBA is not totally going away, it’s just upgrading to a newer version—a graduate level training for coaches in all niches: health, wellness, love, business, money, spirituality, parenting… you name it

This means that the programs that you’ve come to know and love from us such as our Core Training and the Transformational Coaching Method certification, are combining to form the most comprehensive graduate-level coaching education available to help you Master the Business and the Art of coaching—all in a holistic way that is in alignment with your core values.

Here’s how it works:

Health Coach Institute is comprised of two programs only: BHC and HMBA Grad

BHC or Become a Health Coach is for anyone who wants to become a health coach or wants to add health coaching to their existing modality/expertise or wishes to sharpen their health coaching skills. BHC focuses on redefining health coaching and a topic expertise and includes:

The Four Pillars of what you need to become a successful health coach: Essential Health and Wellness; Transformational Coaching Skills; Personal Growth and Money Legacy Makeover and Proven Simple Business and Marketing Skills.

The BHC training offers anyone who wants to become a health coach a rock solid foundation on which to build a business as a holistic entrepreneur or work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals as an essential part of their team.

HMBA Grad or Holistic MBA Grad is for people who already have a topic expertise— health, money, love, business, parenting—as well as therapists and social workers who want to add coaching to their practices. This training focuses on diving deep into the business and art of coaching by building a solid and sustainable business foundation, increasing your coaching skills and confidence all while earning more and having more fun than you ever thought possible

When you complete HMBA Grad, you’ll know how to make a consistent, steady income as a coach plus you’ll be certified in the Transformational Coaching Method and have the confidence to do deeper work with clients, charge higher fees…and get it.

We welcome you to our new site and encourage you to explore and expand!