Liberty Hoffer

Liberty Hoffer

As a health coach I will work with you to demystify weight loss and find ways to increase your energy naturally. The one size fits all approach is not effective for most of us. As a health coach I have a system to unlock your unique code for optimal health and wellness. This system allows me to meet you wherever you are on your health and wellness journey. Along with this system I also provide you with the right support and accountability needed to achieve your health goals.

My years of experience practicing medicine as a physician assistant, combined with a passion for helping others, extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition and training as a health coach creates a recipe for inevitable success for my clients.

As a health coach I do not diagnose or manage disease, prescribe medication or interfere with your doctor’s recommendations. I do not offer quick fix, non sustainable solutions to health challenges. What I do offer is longterm sustainable solutions to help facilitate lifetime habit and lifestyle changes resulting in optimal health.

Health coaching has the power to transform a person’s body, health and life. Health coaching helps you find what’s right for your unique body. Health coaching stretches you to achieve goals you never thought were possible. Health coaching is the best gift you could ever give your body, mind and soul.

Health coaching has transformed my life personally and professionally. I can’t wait to share the power of health coaching with you!

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