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Functional Nutrition: How To Use Food As Medicine

The Habit Change Coaching Method: The Coach’s Secret Superpower That Radically Changes Lives.

Personal Growth: How To Transform Fear Into Wealth So You Can Create The Life You Desire

Proven Business Building Systems: How To Get Paying Clients


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Congrats on taking the first steps to your life and career makeover!

Stacey and Carey

Hello, Future Health Coach!

We’re so excited you’re here. Health Coaching will allow you to put your passion for health and wellness to work and our Become a Health Coach program will help you get there.

We believe that Health Coaches are masters of habit change. We’ve trained more than 10,000 coaches worldwide in the art and science of habit change and we’re proud of our heart-centered community that’s redefining the field of coaching and shaping the future of healthcare.

Our program doesn’t just teach you how to coach clients effectively and help them improve their health and wellness; it also teaches you how to manage the business side of coaching, like how to find and win clients.

Today, we’re the leading choice for health and wellness students because we offer a world-class educational experience, cutting-edge curriculum, and unrivaled community support to ensure your success as a coach far into the future.

Want to see our program in action? Click the link over there to the right to take the Become a Health Coach program for a test drive!

Xoxo, Stacey and Carey